Tools & Training

We have a long-established history of developing state-of-the-art energy assessment software tools and delivering training to students, consultants, local engineers, energy auditors and factory personnel. Collaborating closely with various partners, our team has trained hundreds of energy practitioners in the assessment, implementation and management of energy efficiency that have resulted in meaningful and lasting reductions in industrial energy use.

Nearly all of our software tools are developed to be completely open-source.  If you would like to check out the source code (and possibly collaborate), please visit our GitHub repository

Here are downloads and links to our various software tools:

Software Tools

Energy and Carbon Assessment Software
MEASUR - Downloadable Versions

MEASUR - Online Version (currently in Beta)

Utility Management and Analysis Software
VERIFI - Downloadable Version (currently in Alpha)

VERIFI - Online Version (currently in Alpha)
DecarbonizationOnline Calculators:
Electrification Impact Calculator
Carbon Emissions Calculator

Excel-based Software Analysis Tools:
Decarbonization Action Plan Tool
Decarbonization Action Plan Tool - w/ Example

Electrotechnology vs Fuel Fired Thermal Processing Cost Comparison Model Tool
Electrotechnology vs Fuel Fired Thermal Processing Cost Comparison Model Tool (Example)

Plant Carbon Footprint & Decarbonization Assessment Tool - Beta (with Example file included)

Carbon Project Implementation Tracker Tool - Blank Version
Carbon Project Implementation Tracker Tool - Example
Decarbonization Choose Your Own Solution GameBetter Plants Choose Your Own Solution Decarbonization Game
Energy Management50001 Ready Navigator

Plant Energy Profiler (Excel)

Plant Energy Profiler (PEPEx) Tool International_Beta Version

Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI) Tool

DOE Energy Footprint Tool

EPA Portfolio Manager
Energy Project ImplementationEnergy Project Implementation Toolkit - Full

Gap Analysis Tool

"The Prize" Tool

Do Nothing Calculator
Financing ResourcesClean Energy Infrastructure Program and Funding Announcements

Financing Navigator

DOE Funding and Incentives Resource Hub

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency - DSIRE
Treasure Hunt ToolkitBetter Plants Treasure Hunt Toolkit_Final_Aug 2020

Better Plants Info Cards_Final_Aug 2020
Weather Data for MEASURActual Weather Data -

Weather Station Lookup Tool

TMY3 data with Wet Bulb
Water ManagementPlant Water Profiler
Waste ManagementWaste-to-Energy Calculator

Waste-to-Energy Calculator - Example

Waste Reduction Model - WARM
Renewable Energy ToolsREopt: Renewable Energy Integration & Optimization Tool

EPA Green Power Supply Options Screening

System Advisor Model


Economic Site Analysis
Transportation ToolsAlternative Fuels Data Center

Alternative Fuel Life-Cycle Environmental and Economic Transportation (AFLEET) Tool

GREET - The Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Technologies Model
Additive Manufacturing Impacts Assessment ToolsAM Energy and Carbon Impacts Assessment Tool - V2

AM TEA Analysis Tool - Beta Release

AM Guidebook
Steam SystemsSteam System Scoping Tool

Steam System Assessment Tool - SSATv3

3E+ Insulation Tool
Process Heating SystemsProcess Heating Assessment and Survey Tool V3.0

PHASTEx_EN 02052015
Motor SystemsMotorMaster v4.1

MotorMaster+ International Tool
Pump SystemsPump System Assessment Tool (PSAT2008)
Fan SystemsFan System Assessment Tool (FSAT)
Compressed Air SystemsAirMaster+

AirMaster+ LogTool

Compressed Air Scoping Tool - Beta v1.0
Chilled Water SystemsCWSAT-3.0.1
Combined Heat and Power (CHP Tool) - Gas Turbine SystemsCombined Heat and Power Tool (2004)
Bio-Tiger Model Tool for Wastewater Operations OptimizationBio-Tiger Model Model and User Manual
Example Demos and Tool Walkthroughs2022 Summit - Industrial Software Tools Overview Slides

MEASUR & VERIFI Examples - 2022 Summit

Plant Water Profiler v1.0 Tool Example - 2022 BP Summit

PEPEx Tool Example - 2022 BP Summit

Implementation GTK Example - 2022 BP Summit

Energy Footprint Tool Example - 2022 BP Summit